Purpose and human connections constitute the very heart of business.

Purpose helps create an expansive mindset and a sense of possibility.

Humanity is what binds the personal to a collective purpose.

Human magic, in the context of a sound strategy, is what leads to irrational performance.

Hubert Joly



As obvious as it sounds, many people still believe that saying “I don’t know” is viewed as weakness. I remember as a teenager, one of my parents’ friends, who was a businessman, asked me a question. I cannot remember the question, but I remember saying to him: “I don’t know.” He looked at me and said: “Young man, I hope you will never say that in the business world, because this is admitting a weakness, and you should never do this! This will limit your potential.” I have wrestled with perfectionism, but even back then, this made no sense to me. If I did not know, well, I did not know! What was wrong with that? I could always learn and find out. I was not pigeonholing myself by saying I am not good at math, or I am not a visual thinker. I was not saying I cannot know. I just did not know. Read More