Unleashing Human Magic in Action

Check out these great stories of how human magic is being unleashed in our world.

Airbnb’s CEO spent 6 months living in his company’s rentals—and found the core problem with his business There are several CEOs who have recently taken to the frontlines of their business to work and learn from their teams including Dara Khosrowshahi and Laxman Narasimhan. Now, Airbnb’s Founder and CEO – Brian Chesky has been thinking outside the CEO box and becoming a customer. This experience has led to impactful new changes to the customer experience for the company. As Brian says, “It’s building a product for the person you were when you started the company.”
It’s Never Too Early To Learn Vital Leadership Skills – So Why Not Start In Elementary School? 100% of leaders were born, but no one is born a leader! Soft skills are often learned “on the job”. Some fascinating research shows teaching kids leadership skills starting in elementary school can lead to their future success as leaders. Might as well start early!!! Intriguing!
Why Graduation Season Is Making Me Optimistic For The Class Of 2023—and America’s Future The class of 2023 deserves our admiration, having been freshmen when COVID started, they had to isolate, face the challenges of remote learning, and quickly figure out what it means to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. For this reason, I think they are the class to watch! Rooting for them to use this experience as they enter the next chapter. Congratulations class of 2023! #Unleashinghumanmagic
Rafael Nadal, at the Edge of His Tennis Goodbye Deciding when and how to move from one chapter to the next is an important task, one that requires thoughtful planning and execution. Lessons I have learned from my own experience and watching others: 1) It is important to choose the time of your “retirement” wisely, based either on a preset time or when you feel you are content with what you have accomplished 2) Make sure your identity is not tied to a job, so that it is easier to let go 3) Do not rush to take the first opportunity that arises 4) Craft your next chapter in line with your life purpose, at the intersection of what the world needs, your passions, and your unique skills 5) Ensure the right balance between the different buckets of your life
The Managing Class Has Failed Frontline Workers Such a profound truth! We have to refocus on valuing and supporting frontline workers. I know from my own experience what difference it can make. I still remember vividly my first week as CEO, when I worked in stores alongside the Blue Shirts at Best Buy. They had all the answers! My job was simple: be present, ask questions, listen, and essentially do what they said we needed to do and what they needed to do their job. Can you commit to spending time with your frontline workers and asking them what the company needs to do to win and what they need?
What Happened When Uber’s CEO Started Driving for Uber For me, there’s no better way to understand the challenges of your team than walking a day in their shoes – or in the case of the CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, spending time as a driver and doing Uber deliveries. The Uber CEO’s experiment has led to Uber being more competitive among rivals by putting people at the heart of their transformation. Other executives have also taken part in this project. It is changing the fundamental way the business is run, including how their products are developed with safety in mind, and how their drivers are compensated more fairly.
New Starbucks CEO plans to pull barista shifts in stores every month I love Laxman Narasimhan’s commitment to work a shift as a barista for Starbucks every month and for starting his career at Starbucks on the frontlines to listen and learn.
Google Releases Bard, Its Competitor in the Race to Create A.I. Chatbots Will robots replace or augment humans? As someone who advocates for unleashing Human Magic, I think AI can and should be used as a tool designed by humans that can augment human capabilities. I do not believe in particular that robots can display real empathy and love. What do you think?
Commuting is overrated, says the CEO of Allstate: ‘Nobody wants to drive to an office to do a Zoom call’ Tom Wilson at Allstate is finding that “prioritizing purpose and treating every worker like they’re an Allstate Customer” is how he can best retain and attract talent to the insurance company. This is an intriguing way to build respectful, caring human connections and build a foundation for unleashing human magic!
Capitalism and Humanitarianism Can Coexist. Chobani’s CEO Is Trying to Prove It Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani, is a great role model of purposeful leadership and creating a business that is a force for good from day 1. In recent years, he has hired refugees to work for his company and last month, made a personal donation to aid in the aftermath of the earthquakes that hit his home country of Turkey. Today, he continues to show, as this article so aptly states, “ capitalism and humanitarianism can coexist.”
World’s oldest person, French nun Sister André, dies aged 118 “People say that work kills, for me work kept me alive.” These are the words of Sister André in an interview she had last April with the AFP news agency. Despite being blind and in a wheelchair, Sister André cared for other elderly people. In one of her last interviews, she told reporters: “People should help each other and love each other instead of hating each other.” As the poet Khalil Gibran wrote: “Work is love made visible”.
A lot of people hide their cancer diagnosis from their bosses. These companies aim to change that When we are our best, crucibles can lead us to come out bigger and better. Instead of shrinking, we can grow to make a big difference in the world. Arthur Sadoun’s story illustrates this in a very powerful fashion. When Arthur, who is the CEO of Publicis, had cancer last year, he discovered that 50% of those with cancer are afraid to tell their employers! Arthur decided to be vulnerable about his diagnosis with colleagues and clients. He also decided to use his experience to create a movement! Thanks to his efforts, companies around the globe are signing up for the #WorkingwithCancer pledge to “abolish job fear and insecurity” for cancer sufferers and better publicize company benefits available. Thank you Arthur for role modeling vulnerable, authentic, purposeful leadership!